GLP2-e testing devices are the basis for single or combination testers of all kinds. Having an extremely compact design, they offer a large number of test features with intelligent test processes.

The integrated automatic switch-over between all low-voltage tests and high-voltage tests is a special feature of the GLP2-e. With this, the test object can be tested automatically in one test run without reconnection. Therefore, GLP2-e testers are ideal for serial production, no matter whether you document the test results or not. In laboratories, these testers can be used for type tests and for material tests.

Due to the intuitive operation via integrated touch-display, GLP2-e testers are very user-friendly universal testing devices. Of course, the testers can also be operated via an additional standard PC keyboard and/or a bar-code scanner.

GLP2-e testers have an integrated test program database for more than 200 test programs and a separate result database. The results can be stored, printed or transmitted to a PC. To print labels for your products directly after testing, GLP2-e testers can also control thermal-transfer printers.

These testers offer the unique feature to be operated in a server-based network. It is possible to transmit test programs to the testers and send the test results to the PC for storing and further processing. The complete data traffic is organized by our PC software NetCom Xi.

If you only wish to collect, store and print data on the PC, you can use our software PrintCom.

Schleich Technologies GLP2-e Hipot Safety and Function Tester

    •  Tester for all Safety Tests
    • Automatic Switch-Over Between High-Voltage Tests and Low-Voltage Tests
    • Single-Phase and Three-Phase Functional Test with Apparent-Power and Active-Power Measurement
    • Single Tests with Large Display of the Measured Values — Ideal for Manual Testing
    • Additional Analog Inputs and Outputs
    • Additional Digital Inputs and Outputs
    • Additional Programmable Processes for Digital Outputs and Inputs
    • Large Graphic Lcd with 256 X 128 Pixels and Touch Screen
    • Test-Program Database and Result Storage
    • Integrated Statistics
    • Standard Pc Printer Connection
    • Thermal-Transfer Printer for Printing Labels
    • Connection for Standard Pc Keyboard or Connection for Bar-Code Reader
    • Windows® Software for Remote Control, Administration of Databases for Test Programs and Test Results and for Printing Test Protocols
    • Network (Wired or Wireless) with Testing Devices and a Central Pc
    • Ideal Pre-Conditions for Oem Applications (Integration In Automatic Lines)

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