The all-purpose MotorAnalyzer 2 is used for checking electric motors and windings. It combines 13 different test methods within a user-friendly and mobile tester. The combination of test methods,its compact design, as well as the battery operation, turn the MotorAnalyzer 2 into an ideal tool for on-site operation, especially in difficult applications.


For checking a 3-phase motor the three winding connections and the motor’s cabinet are connected to the tester. This testing is donewith four wire technology, providing high precision resistancemeasurements. After the Kelvin resistance test, the MotorAnalyzer 2 performs fully automatic testing via surge test, resistance and inductance. The MotorAnalyzer 2 automatically switches between different tests via its internal relay matrix. Finally, a high voltage test is done to evaluate the motors quality.

Schleich Technologies MA2 Motor Analyzer (Multi-Purpose Tester)

    • Surge voltage up to 3kV / DC HiPot up to 6kV
    • Large, highly readable color display
    • Innovative input via rotary button
    • Structured menu and practical functioning buttons
    • Fully-automated fault analysis
    • Automatic switchover between the three motor connecting leads
    • Manual and automatic testing capabilities
    • Locate turn-to-turn faults
    • Adjust the neutral zone of DC motor
    • Integrated results storage for a subsequent transfer via USB interface
    • AC line or battery operation
    • Worldwide power supply 100V-250V / 47-63Hz
    • Low weight
    • Solid traveling case including all test leads