The MTC2 is a premium surge voltage tester. No other tester offers such a diversity of features. With the MTC2 you can inspect coils, stators, armatures and all varitiees of windings according to the latest state of the art – uncompromising and precise. A finely graduated variety of testers from 6 KV up to 50 KV is available. The MTC2 comes in portable, bench-top, rack-mountable, and all other pictured configurations.


4 connection leads

4 connection leads offer the possibility to contact all relevant winding connections at the same time. The 3 phase connections and the neutral point are connected to the 4 connection leads.  In this way it is possible to achive a unique test accuracy.


Automatic test method switch-over

As soon as the test object is connected, the MTC2 automatically measures at all 4 connections. Thanks to the integrated test method switchover, there´s no need for manual re-clamping. This saves time and avoids mistakes.


Advanced surge voltage

The surge voltage test with standard-compliant rise time leaves no defect undetected. Modern, automatic evaluations facilitate the fault analysis.


Optional partial discharge test with surge voltage 

The innovative, standard-compliant partial discharge test can easily be integrated. It gives you information about critical insulation weaknesses and the suitability for operation with frequency converters.  SCHLEICH pursues two strategies to obtain good test results at stators as well as at entirely-assembled motors: Measurement via coupler in the measuring lead (perfect for motors) and measurement via antenna (perfect for stators).


Optional precise resistance measurement in 4-wire-technology

To achieve precise measuring results by comparing the three phases´resistances , the resistance is measured in 4-wire technology.  Of course, the 4-wire technolgy is also applied by means of the automatic test method switchover!


Optional high-voltage test with AC 

In addition, you can also perform a high-voltage test with AC.  Of course,  the automatic test method switchover is also applicable in this case. 


Optional rotor- / stator test

The measuring technology allows you to find faults in rotors or stators and to detect broken bars in the squirrel-cage rotor.

We currently have a demo unit of the MTC2 15kV with Partial Discharge.


Please call (905) 406 0100 or email us at to arrange a product demo in person or through shipping. 

Schleich Technologies MTC2 Winding Tester (Surge Tester) 6kV - 50kV Surge

    • Inspection of motors and generators up to 500 MW
    • Surge voltage up to 50 KV
    • Surge energy 125 Joule
    • High surge current  2000 A
    • Fastest rise time 60 ns
    • Fully-integrated partial discharge test according to IEC 61934 and DIN EN 60034-18-41 
    • Resistance measurement in 4-wire technology with temperature compensation
    • Insulation resistance test with automatic PI-measurement
    • Inductance test| LCR-inductance test bridge
    • Integrated armature test assistant, armature adapter and armature booster 
    • 4 winding connections (windings + neutral point) plus frame connection 
    • A number of tests can be performed without the necessity to reconnect connection leads
    • Easy and manual inspection without parameterization
    • Automatic test with subsequent Go/ NoGo - comparison
    • Result recording with test object-related data
    • Printing with any Windows-printers plus PDF
    • Data base for numerous test sequences and test results
    • Integrated high-quality industrial-PC with Windows®
    • Full network connectivity 
    • Intuitive operation via touchscreen, mouse and keyboard 
    • Possibility for remote maintenance or remote calibration
    • Remote control option for automation
    • Perfect for OEMs

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