The MTC2 is a premium surge voltage tester – no other tester offers such a diversity of features. With the MTC2 you inspect coils, stators, armatures and all kinds of windings according to the latest state of the art – uncompromising and precise.

Innovations, technology lead and a patented analytical method for surge voltage characterize the MTC2-surge voltage testers of the 6th generation.
A finely graduated variety of testers from 6 KV up to 50 KV is available. The MTC2 comes in portable, bench-top, rack-mountable, and all other pictured configurations.

Schleich Technologies MTC2 Winding Tester (Surge Tester)

    • Inspection of motors and generators up to 500 MW
    • Surge voltage up to 50 KV
    • Surge energy 125 Joule
    • High surge current  2000 A
    • Fastest rise time 60 ns
    • Fully-integrated partial discharge test according to IEC 61934 and DIN EN 60034-18-41 
    • Resistance measurement in 4-wire technology with temperature compensation
    • Insulation resistance test with automatic PI-measurement
    • Inductance test| LCR-inductance test bridge
    • Integrated armature test assistant, armature adapter and armature booster 
    • 4 winding connections (windings + neutral point) plus frame connection 
    • A number of tests can be performed without the necessity to reconnect connection leads
    • Easy and manual inspection without parameterization
    • Automatic test with subsequent Go/ NoGo - comparison
    • Result recording with test object-related data
    • Printing with any Windows-printers plus PDF
    • Data base for numerous test sequences and test results
    • Integrated high-quality industrial-PC with Windows®
    • Full network connectivity 
    • Intuitive operation via touchscreen, mouse and keyboard 
    • Possibility for remote maintenance or remote calibration
    • Remote control option for automation
    • Perfect for OEMs