The CMM-60 multimeter allows you to record data thanks to the Trend Capture function of the built-in memory as well as the possibility of transferring data and analysing the results achieved in the CMM-60 Multimeter Software.  The device facilitates the diagnostics of potential problems covering the operation of electromechanical devices, industrial automation, motors and distribution of electricity. Precise indications, safety during work in industrial conditions, convenience of use and early detection of irregularities in the operation of machines and devices are the main benefits of having this device in your equipment.

Sonel CMM-60 Advanced Industrial Multimeter 1kV 14 Measurement Functions

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.

    Features of the device

    • Fast and easy reading is provided by a colour display with a counting range of up to 50,000 digits, a resolution of 320x240 pixels and a diagonal of 3.5 ". Additionally, the display allows reading at a wide angle also in poor lighting conditions;
    • over 14 measurement functions, including AC / DC voltage measurement, AC / DC current measurement, resistance, capacity, temperature, pulse width, fill factor, frequency
    • The AC + DC function allows you to simultaneously display the value of the constant and variable component or the sum of both components during voltage measurement
    • The 4~20mA function used for, among others, measurement of the control circuits of temperature, pressure, pH or flow sensors.
    • True RMS for AC voltage and current allows to measure the effective value of distorted waveforms;
    • Built-in low-pass filter, thanks to which the voltage measurements will be more accurate by eliminating the influence of interference generated by machines and electronic devices;
    • saving the results of fast 1ms waveforms thanks to the PEAK value measurement function
    • the relative REL measurement function allows, among others, elimination of resistance values of test leads
    • Displaying simultaneously the result of the measurement of the constant and alternating component of the signal for quick reading of two results at the same time;
    • real-time clock that allows adding date and time of measurement to each sample
    • Recalling measurement results from the built-in memory for 2000 measurements with recording of the name and date of measurement;
    • possibility of quick  detection of irregularities due to the registration of measurement results in graphical form of the trend, thanks to the Trend Capture function and the built-in recorder with the possibility of recording up to 10.000 samples;
    • Registration of maximum and minimum values and calculation of the average of current measurements
    • Built-in Bluetooth module for sending live measurement results to Android mobile devices
    • HELP function to quickly explain the meaning of a given measuring function and buttons
    • Optional strap with a hook allows easy operation with both hands;
    • Protection against water flooding and penetration of dust into the electronic system due to its extremely robust housing with IP67 protection level;
    • The rotary switch has been designed for easy handling even when working in thick gloves in dangerous and difficult conditions;
    • Dedicated lithium-polymer battery allowing long-term operation of the device;
    • A dedicated charger and power supply for charging the battery without removing it.

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