Sonel KT-800M IR Fever Warning System can be applied to mass fever screening in crowded public places, which helps detect people with potential fever. It may contain or limit the spread of diseases through identification of infected individuals showing fever symptoms. Sonel KT-800M combines advanced technology such as thermographic human temperature detection and AI intelligent face tracking which makes the equipment accurate and easy to use. Sonel KT-800M is equipped with various powerful functions. Multi-target tracking ensures that no target is missed. Custom warning zones and high-temperature shielding settings help avoiding interference from other high-temperature objects. When a feverish person is detected, the system supports automatic warning, tracking and photo taking for storage. It also supports video recording. Convenient for query and classify management.


Large-scale temperature screening at airports, railway stations, subway stations, hospitals, supermarkets, factories, schools and other places with large flow of people to control and reduce the spread of diseases with fever symptom, such as Novel Coronavirus, Ebola, SARS or Zika.

Sonel -KT-800, IR Fever Warning System, 400 x 300 px Infrared Detector, AF.

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  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.


    • 400 x 300 px infrared uncooled Vox detector
    • Automatic focus on a person's face
    • Warning sound alarm when a person with fever is detected
    • Accurate single-point and multi-point high temperature tracking and warning
    • AI deep learning algorithm based on neural network provides more accurate temperature detection and lower false warning rate
    • Real-time temperature calibration with blackbody ensures high accuracy
    • Stand-type, easy to deploy, equipped with PC with powerful analysis software

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