The MMR-630 Series meters are professional portable instruments for measuring very low resistances. Due to their special measurement algorithm they can be used for both resistive and inductive type of a specimen that makes

MMR-630 series perfect instruments for electricians testing electrical junctions, motors and power transformers windings. The results can be stored in the internal memory and send to a computer via serial interface. A quick PASS/FAIL test function with results displayed and acoustically indicated simplifies measurements considerably.

Sonel MMR-630 MicroOhmMeter DLRO ±(0.25% m.v + 2 digits) Accuracy IP54

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 


  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.

    • Measurement of resistive object type:
      - welded and soldered connections, equipotential bonding, earth wire,
      - terminals and connectors, rail welded joints, cables and wires,
      - measurement 4-pole method.
    • Measurement of inductive object type:
      - coils (motors and transformers), low resistance coils.
    • Range selection autoranging or manual (measurement of inductive object type).
    • Selectable measurement mode adjusted to object type:
      - for resistive objects - fast mode (3 seconds),
      - for inductive objects - long mode with automatic discharge after measurements (or with lower accuracy - shorter mode).
    • Selectable measurement mode adjusted to application:
      - normal mode - after pushing „START” button,
      - automatic mode - since test leads are connected to the object meters automatically starts measurement with dual direction current flow and gives average result - what eliminates eventual DC voltage on tested object,
      - continuous mode - every 3 seconds for resistive objects or continuous measurement for inductive objects.
    • Window mode:
      - this option enables setting an upper and a lower limit between which the average measurement result is bound to appear. The results outside of this range will be indicated by two long audible signals and the symbols.
    • MMR-630 is designated not to be effected by interference up to 20 mV and to show noises from 20 to 100 mV (so in edge conditions even 5 times higher than measured drop of potential).
    • Memory store for up to 990 results and a communications facility for transferring data from the device to a PC.

    Electric security:
    - type of insulation: double, according to EN 61010 - 1 and IEC 61557
    - measurement category: CAT III 300 V acc. to EN 61010 - 1
    - protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP54

    Other technical data:
    - meter’s power supply: battery package SONEL/Ni-MH 4,8 V
    - battery charging time: approx. 2,5 hours
    - number of measurements with the current of 10 A: 300
    - auto-off time: 120 seconds
    - immunity to interference: additional error ≤1% for voltage 50 Hz ≤100 mV RMS
    - maximum leads resistance for the 10 A current: 0,1 Ω
    - maximum inductance of the tested object: 40H
    - accuracy of the test current: ±10%
    - resistance measurement time:
    - with the selected resistive object type with the bidirectional current: 3 seconds
    - with the selected inductive object type, dependant on the resistance
    and inductance of the object: a few minutes (max. 10)
    - dimensions: 295 x 222 x 95 mm
    - weight: approx. 1,7 kg

    Rated operational conditions:
    - operation temperature: 0...+40°C
    - storage temperature: -20...+60°C

    MMR-620 microohmmeter conforms the following directives
    or standards according to CE requirements.

    Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC, 93/68/EEC.

    EN 61010 - 1:2001 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. General requirements .
    EN 61010 - 031:2002: Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. Safety requirements for hand-held probe assemblies for electrical measurement and test.

    Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) 89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC.

    EN 61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001 Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - EMC requirements.

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