This unit contains GPS and Bluetooth. 


MRU-200 is the only meter in the market which uses all measurement methods.

Possible measurements:

  • earth resistance measurment with 2-pole, 3-pole,4-pole method,
  • impulse earth impedance measurement, three kinds of measuring impulse 4/10μs, 8/20μs, 10/350μs,
  • earth resistance measurement without disconnecting measured earths (using clamp),
  • two clamps earth resistance measurement without auxiliary test probs,
  • earth resistivity measurement,
  • continuity measurement,
  • leakage current measurement.

Sonel MRU-200 GPS & BT-Earth Resistance and Resistivity Meter Tester

  • Please allow 4-5 weeks for this product to arrive. 

    This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Please see photos and description for full specifications.

    It allows to take the measurements of:

    • earth resistance using auxiliary electrodes,
    • earth resistance using auxiliary electrodes and clamp (for measurements of multiple earthing)
    • earth resistance using double clamps for measuring multiple earthing without underground connections,
    • impulse earth impedance (without disconnecting measured earthing),
    • ground resistivity (Wenner method),
    • current using the clamp (e.g. leakage) and flexible clamp (Rogowsky coil),
    • measurement of continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors (meeting the requirements of IEC 60364 - 6 - 61:2000 section 6.12.2) with auto-zero function – with current 200 mA.


    • measurement of resistance of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH,
    • measurement of interference voltage,
    • measurement of interference frequency,
    • measurement in the presence of interference voltage in the power network
      with frequency 16 2/3 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz (with automatic selection of proper frequency of measuring signal or with manual selection),
    • selection of maximum measuring voltage (25 V and 50 V)
    • introducing the distance between the electrodes for the resistivity in metres (m) and feet (ft),
    • memory of 990 measurements (10 banks of 99 cells each),
    • calibration of clamp used,
    • real time clock (RTC),
    • data transmission to the computer USB and Bluetooth*,
    • indication of battery state.

    *Bluetooth communication from serial number E30001

    Electric security:

    • type of insulation: double, according to EN 61010 - 1 and IEC 61557
    • measurement category: CAT IV 300 V acc. to EN 61010 - 1
    • protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP54

    Rated operational conditions:

    • operation temperature: -10...+50°C
    • storage temperature: -20...+70°C
    • humidity: 20...80%

    Other technical data:

    • LCD display: graphic, backlighted
    • interface: USB
    • number of measurements carried out of set of batteries: > 1200
    • warranty: 24 months

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