The SA2100 Power Quality Analyzer is a professional portable device that measures and analyzes power system quality, supplies harmonics analysis and power quality data analysis, also provides large memory for data storage. The PC software can simply upload the data to PC for full analysis. 


Main Features 

  • Waveform real-time display(4 voltages/4 currents)
  • Half-period RMS measurement (voltage and current)
  • Measurement of TRMS currents up to 5000A (sensor dependent)
  • Measurement, calculation and display of harmonics and interharmonics can be up to 50 times. 
  • Transient capture
  • Active power, reactive power, apparent power and energy, shift power factor and true power factor
  • Three-phase unbalance (voltage and current)
  • Flicker
  • Inrush current
  • Detection and record of Dips& Swells, Voltage Rapid Change, Interruption.
  • Detect according to EN50160 or grid with user-defined limit
  • Data storage and screenshots (can be replayed or output to a PC)
  • Through the LAN interface PC can keep real-time remote communication with the Analyzer, operate the Analyzer and read back measurement data
  • Built-in 8G memory card


This product includes a standard power cable, voltage test leads (5pcs), alligator clips (5pcs), soft carry bag, and CD with software+user guide.

Suin SA2100 Handheld Power Quality Analyzer

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