TFG3630 synthesized signal generators with PLL technique and use the FPGA  to control screen display and output, with excellent technical performances and powerful function which are necessary for the experimental detection circuit and device detection. Large color LCD interface can show a variety of working parameters. Keypads and knob are convenient for operation.


  • Frequency resolution: 3Hz
  • Unlimited measurement range: digital setting directly for the whole range.
  • Non-intergraded process: up to the stable value immediately when switching, continuous signal phase and amplitude without deflection.
  • Sweep characteristics: with the function of frequency sweep and power sweep. Start point and stop point can be set arbitrarily.
  • Modulation characteristics: pulse modulation signal with user-defined can be output.
  • Operation mode: key operation, TFT-LCD interface, direct digital setting, continuous adjustment by knob.
  • High reliability: large scale integrated circuit, SMT, high reliability and long service life.
  • Communication port: USB device


This item includes a standard power cable and CD with software+user guide.

Suin TFG3630 Synthesized Signal Generator

  • Frequency 
    Range 25MHz~3GHz
    Resolution 3Hz
    Reference Frequency Reference Output:Frequency: 10MHz Level: >0dBm Port: BNC connector
    Reference Input:Frequency: 10MHz Power: -3~+7dBm Input Port: BNC connector Impedance(nominal): 50Ω
    Phase Noise -90dBc~-115dBc Offset 20kHz
    Spurious Harmonic: <-35dBc (Power: ≤-5dBm)
    Non-harmonic: <-60dBc
    Power Range -60dBm~+10dBm
    Resolution 0.25dB
    Accuracy ±(1.0+2% absolute value of setting value)dB     (output frequency 25MHz~2250MHz)
    ±(1.0+4% absolute value of setting value)dB     (output frequency 2200MHz~3000MHz)
    Input SWR  < 1.5 typical value
    RF Output Terminal: N type  Output Impedance: 50Ω
    Pulse Modulation
    Break-make Ratio > 80dB
    Rising/Falling Edge < 100ns
    Pulse Width 0.25s  Min.
    Pulse Period 0.5s  Min.
    Frequency Sweep Sweep Mode: Linear Min. Step: 3Hz
    Power Sweep Sweep Mode: Linear Min. Step: 0.25dBm
    General Characteristics
    Power AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz, 50VA Max
    Dimension &  Weight 386mm×256mm×123mm, <5kg

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