Techimp PDSCOPE is a brand new product of the PDCheck family particularly designed to suit all the requisites of the Techimp TiSCADA systems for on-line monitoring of diagnostic quantities in electrical assets.
PDSCOPE is a powerful PD analyzer based on Techimp TF Map technology (patented) allowing preliminary noise rejection and automatic calculation of statistical parameters relevant to Partial Discharges.


  • Enhanced diagnostic capability, automatic noise rejection based on Techimp TF Map patented technology
  • Easy fitting, unique for On-line and Off line monitoring
  • Remote controllable from Intranet/Internet (wired or wireless)
  • Safe, built-in double fiber optic interface
  • Stand-alone

Techimp PDSCOPE Acquisition Unit for PD Monitoring

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks.  Contact us for quote and more info.