Designed for the checking and calibration of insulation testers at voltages of up to 5000V DC, the Tinsley Model 4720 high resistance decade boxes provides up to 9 decades of resolution.

The total range covered is from 1 kΩ to 1,111,111,110kΩ using specially selected resistors and high quality switches mounted on an easy to read panel.

These decade resistance boxes are housed in strong polymer portable cases with lids and carrying handles to provide an ideal solution to on-site and laboratory calibration of high resistance insulation testers.

The instruments can be supplied complete with a calibration certificates provided by our own in-house calibration laboratory.



Available Models

  1. 4720 9 Decade Box KΩ to 611 GΩ
  2. 4720/1 3 Decade Box 1 GΩ to 611 GΩ
  3. 4720/2 6 Decade Box 1 KΩ TO 1111 MΩ
  4. 4720/3 6 Decade Box 1 MΩ TO 611 GΩ
  5. 4720/4 9 Decade Box 1 KΩ TO 1 TΩ

Tinsley 4720 - 9 Decade High Resistance Box 5000V DC 5kV

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks.  Contact us for quote and more info.

    • Designed for checking and calibration of insulation testers
    • Measuring Range 1kohm to 1Tohm 
    • Resolution 1kohm 
    • Best accuracy 0.1% (dependent on range) 
    • Maximum 5000V (dependent on range) 
    • Maximum dissipation 3.5W (dependent on range) 
    • up to 9 decades 
    • Rugged construction 
    • Easily portable