With a wide measurement range the new Tinsley 5894 is suitable for applications that require either a milli-ohmmeter or micro-ohmmeter. The robust design is suitable for workshop or laboratory use. It has an impressive range of features included as standard. Two measurement modes are available: “Fast” for normal resistance and automated processes and “Slow” for the accurate measurement of inductive devices such as motor and transformer windings.


The instrument is also provided with an input protection circuit to guard against voltage spikes that can occur when measuring inductive components. By simply connecting a resistance thermometer, measurements of copper and aluminium can be made relative to 20°C. A special feature to limit the open circuit voltage to less than 20mV is included to enable “Dry contact resistance” measurements to be made.

Tinsley 5894 Wide Range Precision Ohmmeter 1.0000 mOhm to 100.00 kOhm

  • Product comes new from manufacturer, available in 4-6 weeks.  Contact us for quote and more info.

    • Measurement range 1.0000 mOhm to 100.00 kOhm
    • Resolution 0.1µOhm
    • 0.03% Accuracy
    • RS232 interface
    • Printer interface
    • PLC interface
    • Programable limits

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