An accurate mains/battery powered portable 100A Micro-Ohmmeter. Using the 4 terminal measurement technique the Tinsley 5897 gives basic accuracy of 0.2% and an overall resistance range of 0.1µOhm to 40 Ohm.

With an internal mains re-chargeable battery supply the Tinsley 5897 may be used "in the field" for periods of up to 8 hours without requiring recharging. A standard RS232 computer interface is included that may be used for printing resistance values or downloading measurements that have been stored in the instrument's memory. The Tinsley 5897 Portable Micro-Ohmmeter can be used fully auto-ranging or with manual range selection if required. Each of the 6 ranges has a choice of high or low measuring current. Current can be selected to be positive or negative, with the option of automatic reversal to eliminate the effect of thermal E.M.F.'s.

Tinsley 5897 Portable 100A Precision Micro-Ohmmeter

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