On the basis of rich experience in impedance test and wide
market research, now Tonghui launches a new touch screen
meter---TH2515 DC Resistance meter. TH2515, with elegant
appearance, easy operation and excellent performance, is
comparable to the most advanced products in the market.
TH2515 adopts 32 bits CPU and high density SMD technology.
24 bits, 4.3-inch and touch LCD screen brings ease for your eyes
and convenience to your operation. For the contact influence
of the thermoelectricity on DUT, its elimination is achieved. The
maximum 0.01% accuracy and minimum 0.1 μΩ resolution
shore up its leading role in testing relay contact resistance,
interconnecting resistance, conductor resistance, PCB resistance
and welding-hole resistance. Temperature compensation and
conversion functions make your tests be free from the effect of
the environment temperature. The offset voltage compensation
has effectively eliminated the electromotive force of the DUT
and its contact potential difference. Automation on production
lines can be greatly improved by the realization of ultra-high
test speed and the signal output of 10 compare results through
HANDLER interface.
Providing 1 optional interface---GPIB and 4 standard ones---
RS232C, USB HOST, USB Device and LAN, TH2515 is able to
make data communication with PC and further realizes remote

Tonghui TH2515 DC Resistance Meter 5 ½ Digit 0.01% Maximum Accuracy

  • Please see photos for more information.

    ■ Maximum accuracy: 0.01%
    ■ Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃
    ■ Minimum resolution: 0.1uΩ (resistance)
    ■ Low-resistance test mode can effectively protect DUT
    ■ Multiple measurement combinations of R, LPR, T
    ■ 24 bits, 4.3-inch and 4-wire touch LCD screen
    ■ LCD resolution: 480×272
    ■ Temperature compensation(TC)
    ■ Temperature conversion(Δt)
    ■ Maximum sampling rate: 100samps/sec
    ■ Offset voltage compensation (OVC)
    ■ Customer self-correction(0 ADJ)
    ■ Simultaneously output compare results of 10 bins (OVER, PASS and BEEP)
    ■ Statistics function: CpK, Cp
    ■ 30 groups of parameter files can be saved and loaded
    ■ Screen information can be stored on U-disk
    ■ Data save function brings convenience for saving measurement result
    ■ Automatically update operation software through USB HOST
    ■ Operation languages: Chinese and English
    ■ Intelligent detection for test state error
    ■ Flexible and convenient file operation system
    ■ Handler interface realizes on-line operation.
    ■ Interfaces such as RS232, USB HOST, USB Device and LAN are available and GPIB is optional.
    ■ Compatible with LXI C standard Specifications

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These items come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

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