TH2817B LCR meter is newly-devolved component measurement instrument providing high performance at low cost. It is perfect combination of general LCR meter and high-performance LCR meter with high-accuracy. The meter provides measurement speed up to 20times/second, 10 measurement frequencies from 50Hz to 100kHz, 3 common typical test levels, 5-digit resolution, two inner-source resistance selections and strong measurement functions. So it's suitable for measurement of quality control on production line, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation.



Tonghui TH2817B Precision LCR Meter 50Hz-100kHz 10 Frequency Points

  • Please see datasheet in photos for more information. 

    Measurement speed up to 20times/second
    10 measurement frequencies from 50Hz to 100kHz
    3 common typical test levels
    5-digit resolution
    Two inner-source resistance selections
    Strong measurement functions

    ■ Special LCD display
    ■ 10 typical measurement frequencies from 50Hz to 100kHz
    ■ Built-in ±2VDC bias voltage source, extendable to -5VDC~+5VDC
    bias voltage or max. bias current of 50mA(only TH2817C)
    ■ 2 selectable source impedance: 30Ω/100Ω, easy to be compatible
    with other LCR meters
    ■ Measurement speed up to 20times/second
    ■ Transformer parameter measurement function (only for TH2817C)
    ■ Built-in 5-bin comparator
    ■ Key lock function
    ■ Automatic LCZ function
    ■ 10 sets of measurement parameters saved
    ■ Automatically recalling saved measurement parameters
    ■ HANDLER and RS232C interfaces
    ■ Optional GPIB (IEEE-488) interface

  • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time for this new product to arrive. These items come with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

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