By dint of leading impedance measurement technology and rich R&D experience, Tonghui continuously introduces representative impedance measurement product ---TH2829 series automatic component analyzer is another excellent product we have produced. TH2829 series automatic component analyzer possesses a higher test speed, a more comprehensive analysis function and friendly human-computer interactive experience by adopting the latest high-speed processor and a new software system. Well-designed measuring circuit and optimized algorithms further enhance the test stability of low-D capacitance and high-Q inductors. The instrument is provided with 10V AC test level, 10V/100mA bias current and standalone 10V/50mA DC current, making it convenient for applying in the test of all kinds of active/ passive devices. Main/ sub parameters display, enhanced display system design, 150-points list sweep and graphical analysis capabilities of multiple parameters meet the most application requirements of customers.Thanks to the application of a new generation of processors, the instrument has a more powerful data processing capability. The test results can be easily stored in the U disk or uploaded to the upper PC or network through multiple interfaces, promoting test automation and test efficiency.The test frequency of TH2829 series are 20Hz-300kHz, 20Hz500kHz and 20Hz-1MHz. The instrument has a test accuracy of 0.05% and highest test speed of 9ms/time. Being equipped with multiple interfaces of HANDLER, USB, LAN, RS232C, DCI, GPIB (option) as well as rich resources, the instrument will bring excellent cost performance experience for customers.TH2829 series automatic component analyzer is completely appropriate for test requirements of all kinds of industrial and military standards.

Please see data sheet for full technical differences between the available models

Tonghui TH2829 Series Automatic Component Analyzer

  • ■ 800×RGB×480 7-inch TFT LCD display

    ■ Basic accuracy: 0.05%

    ■ Test signal frequency of 1MHz, resolution of 1mHz, 5-digit frequency input

    ■ Strongest signal source selection: 10V/100mA programmable AC test level 10V/100mA programmable DC bias supply 10V/50mA standalone DC voltage source 1A interior DC bias current source (optional) 120A external bias source (optional)

    ■ Maximum test speed: 9ms/time

    ■ Simultaneous display of 4 kinds of test parameters

    ■ 10 pages/150-point list sweep function

    ■ Continuous curve scanning/graphical analysis function

    ■ Internal storage of 100 sets of LCRZ setting files and 10 sets of GIF image

    ■ GIF image and CSV data files can be saved to USB storage directly