TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A is a new generation impedance tester adopting the most advanced auto balance bridge theory in the world at present. With its 0.05% basic accuracy, speed up to 5.6ms, 20Hz-2MHz frequency range and impedance test range up to 1GΩ, this new
impedance tester can meet all test demands of components and materials, especially for testing capacitor with low D and inductor with high Q.
Four-terminal pair configuration can eliminate the effect of electromagnetic coupling in test cable, to extend the low limit of low impedance test 10 times than those testers with Five-pair configuration.
TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A supports 20V AC test signal and 40V DC Bias, new-added improved multi parameter list sweep/graphic analyze will help customers to extend the comprehensive evaluation ability on components.
TH2838/TH2838H/TH2838A is a strong tool for the design, examination, quality control and production test of electronic components. Its excellent performances and functions provide a powerful tool for circuit design and development, as well as material (electronic material and non-electronic material) research and development.

Please see data sheet for full technical differences between the three available models.

Tonghui TH2838 Series LCR Meters

  • ■ High accuracy:Adopt Auto-balance bridge technology, 4-terminal pair
    ■ High stability and consistency:Up to 15 ranges
    ■ High speed:Up to 5.6ms
    ■ High resolution:7- inch, 800×600
    ■ High power:
    Signal source:Voltage up to 20Vrms(only TH2838H)
    Current up to 100mA(only TH2838H)
    DC bias:Voltage up to±40V(only TH2838H)
    Current up to 100mA
    Up to 120A when controlling 6 sets of TH1778 series DC
    Bias Current Source by external DC Bias interface
    Independent Voltage Source: ±10V programmable output
    (only TH2838H)
    ■ 201 Points List Sweep Function
    ■ Multi-parameter Graphic Sweep Function
    ■ Arithmetical operation
    ■ 10 bins sorting, sorting result with sound and light alarm
    ■ Huge storage space:
    Internal: 100 groups of setting files, 10 groups of gif image files
    External: 100 groups of setting files through USB storage