The TH9010 Multi-Channel hi-pot tester is a small power intelligent safety tester with multi-channel parallel test. It can realize synchronization tests for several products and judge the the test results for each channel, which greatly improve the test speed of products and realize rapid test coordinating with automation equipment.


The TH9010A has 4 channels and the TH9010 has 8 channels. Please see data sheet for full technical differences between the TH9010 and TH9010A

Tonghui TH9010 MultiChannel AC/DC Voltage and Insulation Resistance Hipot Tester

  • ■ 7-inch 800×480 dot-matrix, TFT-LCD display

    ■ 8-channel withstand voltage parallel output and test efficiency increased eight times

    ■ Parallel 8-channels and each channel is non-interfering

    ■ Each channel can be extended by a four-channel scanner

    ■ Support 4 four-channel scanner at most and one instrument can be extended to 128 channels

    ■ Four-channel scanner supports contact check function

    ■ Single output power: AC:5kV/10mA; DC:6kV/5mA

    ■ Insulation resistance test voltage: 0.10kV -1.00kV

    ■ Enhanced security: electric shock protection

    ■ Rapid discharge and arc detection function

    ■ Arbitrarily set voltage rising time and test time in 999.9 seconds; freely set waiting time for insulation resistance

    ■ Key-Lock Function

    ■ Display the PASS/FAIL result of each channel independently and the total result simultaneously

    ■ Store 100 test files and each file can hold at most 20 testing steps